My Demoness

There is a demoness that hovers about me, her thin and tattered robe trailing darkly behind her.  She is gaunt and black, with a purplish hue to her face.   At times she can appear quite beautiful.  Mostly, she is hideous.  She tries to hurt me.  On the pommel of her dagger is  the visage of one that I brought into this world.

Her attacks hurt me.  But she is dissatisfied.  She has never gotten what she really wants.  She thinks that if she can just hurt me enough, she will get it.  So she increases her attacks.  And I bleed.

She does not understand.  She does not know what I know.  She will never get what she wants, no matter the spatter and gore.  She cannot break me from my love of the Devi.  She cannot eat my heart, though she may tear it from my breast, as she has done, and will likely do again.  If she forces me from this life, I will go undefeated to my better place.

I just wish she would go away.

2012-08-26 by

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