A Life Story

Once there was a pink footed nymph who lived on Mt. Kailasha.  She had dwelled there for many years on a higher spiritual plane.  The pink footed nymph had a spiritual family.  The patriarch of this family was a wise spiritual being. One day, the patriarch called together certain beings of his family most who had lived many lives as warriors who fought for good and justice.

He informed the group that he was about to embark on his 4th life of five he had chosen to live in the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is a period of time over 24,000 years in the physical universe when top is bottom and evil is more often allowed to prevail over good.  In the first 5000 years of the Kali Yuga, many bhaktis (meaning spiritual beings who are progressing on their spiritual path and have been dwelling on a higher plane of existence) will be born on the Earth.

The patriarch told the group requested volunteers/helpers to accompany him at different times during this 4th live on Earth.  One of the beings who volunteered was one of the pink footed nymph’s spiritual brothers.  She was fond of him, he was fond of her and they had become very close.

The pink footed nymph had not been invited to this meeting.  She was  a curious creature and  when she  heard the patriarch calling members of the family, she hid inside an emerald  chaddagh ring and listened to the patriarch. She approached her spiritual brother, told him of her desire to go with him and inquired whether or not she should ask the patriarch if she could come along.

He told her that she had better not.  He explained that this was a dangerous mission and the patriarch must have a good reason for not asking the pink footed nymph who he called “Our Little Mother” not to join him during this life.

She left her spiritual brother and sat down by the edge of a pool.  When she looked into the water, she saw the faces of many suffering people and she was overwhelmed with sadness and compassion. The pink nymph was a very compassionate being but she still carried with her tendencies of stubbornness and wilfulness especially when she felt she was doing something for a good cause. She said a prayer to the Devi (a feminine aspect of God) and asked that she be sent down to Earth.

The pink footed nymph dove into the pool and was born as a female child. She was ill during her childhood but as she  tossed and turned in her bed she could see angels watching over her.  Gradually, her health was restored and she journeyed through life facing many struggles and disappointments.

She was blessed with a daughter and after a few years she almost died because of a tubal pregnancy. But, she never gave up hope and a few years later she was blessed with another pregnancy. The young woman was very ill during this time.  She had to have major surgery but the fetus, a boy, remained alive and kicking.

After her son was born, she returned to balancing a career, marriage and being a mother.  Unfortunately, her physical energy waned and the dishes she had been spinning in the air came crashing to the ground.

She kept on living the best as she could and picked back up the pieces of her life.  The former pink footed nymph met a very kind man and they fell in love.  She became so ill that she could no longer work and he brought her into his home.  Together they took care of his former retired professor who had suffered a stroke .

The Professor, as they called him, was a remarkable man.  He was a child prodigyand  left home at an early age to avoid a forced marriage by his father who wanted him to marry a 13 year old girl in order to take her dowry.

He made his way to London and became a correspondent for the BBC.  He lectured, traveled through India and for thirteen years he was a Tibetan monk.  He became a highly praised literary author and then came to the U.S. to be a professor at a university.

When the woman met him he was frail and old but the fire of truth and compassion still burned in his eyes.  Because of his stroke, he sometimes would become angry with the people who took care of him but he never said an unkind word to her.  He became her spiritual teacher and he called her “Our Little Mother.” The Professor came to see her in a vision then he passed from this life.

She and her husband continued their journey together.  They had good times and bad times but through each struggle they became closer. As the years went by, her health grew worse.  She found herself mostly confined to a recliner unable to do simple activities of daily living.  Her husband researched everything and took her to many specialists  through her illness trying to find answers for the cause of her suffering.

They moved to New England and there they found some doctors who diagnosed many of her problems.  She had been in an enormous amount of pain for years and they found a physician highly skilled in pain management who helped her to keep her pain under better control.

Still, she had flare ups of pain and her health became even worse.  She was only able to walk short distances, she fell, had balance problems and began having increased confusion. The woman struggled with anxiety, depression and thoughts that spun around in her head.  She had many neurological problems that no one could diagnose.

Then on day when she was in the hospital , her husband asked the doctor to do an MRI of her brain.  The MRI showed  she had a fatal degenerative brain disease.

They moved close to family.  Some members of her family couldn’t cope with her terminal illness and they were unable to provide her with emotional support.  She was deeply saddened but prayed often.  With her husband’s help, she endured even greater struggles.  Because of her spiritual practice and what she learned in her life she was able to let go of many material possessions and problematic relationships that had kept her down.

With a new sense of purpose, they continued their lives together.  She tried to help others as best as she could.  She spent many hours in prayer and devotion.  She became close to some of the children in her family and she wrote a novel. Gradually her health declined further.  Even though she couldn’t communicate, she was  intact  and alive behind an interface problem.  Her husband knew she was still there, talked to her often and surrounded her with love and care.

One morning,  it was time for her to leave.  She looked into her husband’s eyes.  He told her goodbye and that he would see her soon. The pink footed nymph surfaced up from the pool.  She realized that while she had lived an entire life,  she had only been gone less than a minute.

Her friends and family greeted her and she told them about her life on Earth. She confessed to her loved ones that she had learned a very important lesson.  The pink footed nymph had been allowed to come and go but she said the next time  she decided to take a leap against better judgement they should bind her gag her, sit her on top of a chocolate truffle and tell her to STOP, WAIT.  Everyone will come home soon.

So the pink footed nymph was reunited with the patriarch and they waited together to greet her spiritual brother.

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