i am wet and dry and cold.
i have been many places.
i am mighty and i am old.
i can be a fifty foot wall.
i can flood cities and towns when i fall.
i am a river rough wild and wide.
most men that cross me eventually die.
i am the tide that displays all her wares.
then take them back as if they were not there.
i like to mix with sand.
i feel the grit and the mud on the land.
i am a siren with sweet words to say.
i often lead ships astray.
once i found a hut in a bed.
all the plants were withered and dead.
i arose out of the ground like a spring.
and i brought life and beauty to everything.
an ugly old women built a well around me.
although my water was free.
one day i made that old hag die
from all the water she made people buy.
then i set myself free.
and moved my currents back to the sea.
finally i became a pond who welcomed everyone with my sweet song.

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