A Dream After Death

A long time ago I had a dream that I had died.  I woke up on a bed.  Next to the bed was a bulletin board that suggested different tours of the universe.  I was absolutely thrilled because when I was a little girl our teachers told us by the year 2000 we would be traveling in space and I wanted to be an anthropologist of the universe (after I moved to Florida and had an important job.)

In this same dream, I was able to go to a place where I was allowed to look at my past and future lives.  This was before the movie “Defending Your Life” and before Shirley McClaine revealed her many past lives.  In one of my past lives I had been a very handsome black man  with a voice that would melt velvet. I achieved fame, I loved the ladies. Unfortunately, I liked the fast life too much and at the end of this life I saw an empty street cluttered with torn down posters of me.

In one of my future lives,  I saw two little girls, one of them me, wearing some sort of plastic device that covered our entire head and we were blowing bubbles in the water. We called ourselves, “Fizz Heads.”  Eventually I saw the last life I was able to see.  I opened my eyes.  The air was cool and the wind felt crisp.  I looked over to a pool that had been frozen solid but huge ice cracks left jagged edges on a once smooth surface.  I wondered where I was.  My view became  panoramic and I could see the whole world was waking up from a deep sleep.  I came back to the pool.  On a hill  nearby stood a group of sheep on a hill.  I was a tiny lamb.

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