Reunited with my Recliner


Selch and I have relocated due to an employment opportunity for him.

Our temporary quarters are in an extended stay hotel room.  It had a rather uncomfortable armchair. Selch, being the ever-so-thoughtful great guy that he is, had my leather Lazboy recliner moved in. I usually remain in it 24/7, except for occasional outings to see my favorite doctor in Manhattan, a movie, or an occasional trip to a restaurant that serves gluten-free food.

Anyone who has to sit for long periods due to illness knows that a comfortable chair is necessary equipment for getting by day-to-day and night-to-night.

In addition, my view has been wonderfully enhanced by two playful dragons on a room-divider screen.  What is behind there is a cavern of clutter, as the “closet” area has no door.

Now, I am becoming settled in my new nest.

It makes me want to sing:

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