Do we really want socialized medicine?


I’ve known about the perils of socialized medicine for years.  I use to work in the health care community and I heard horror stories from doctors and nurses who had lived in a country where there is socialized medicine.  I just read an article called Annals of Government Medicine. It paints an accurate  picture of problems with Socialized Medicine.

The people who want to cram socialized medicine down our throats say,”Take this, I know it doesn’t taste good but Mommy or Daddy knows what is best for you.”

To me a “nanny state” means we get thrown off to some “nanny” i.e. the government who is getting paid to take care of us.  She will most not likely treat us like we are her own, encourage free thinking or independence.  If we are able to go out and stand up for ourselves, she no longer has a job.

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One Response to “Do we really want socialized medicine?”

  1. mileaminute Says:

    As a Canadian, as a student currently living in the US, as a patient I can assure you I would choose our health care system over the american one. And a couple of issues I have to mention to make sure you understand.

    Canada does not have a “Socialized” health care system. The word “Socialism” is terribly misused these days in an attempt to scare people out of a universal system. In Canada, Docotors operate privately, clinics operate privately, x-ray and MRI units operate privately. Most services are delivered via private offices. The only thing that is nationalized is billing of services. When I see a doctor, when I go to the hospital, when I have surgery, the government is billed. Which is nice…it doesn’t come out of my pocket. I never need to worry about how I am going to finance my next surgery, or will I have to put my home up for sale to afford it.

    Standards of care are just the same as they are in the US. I can choose what I can take, what drugs I want, what clinics I go to, who I see, what care I get. They, the government has no say in that.

    Moreover, we still have private insurers as well. Prescription drugs are not covered under our “socialized” system. nor is dental, or physio, or chiro. You need to get supplemental private insurance for these. Costs around $50 a month for this.

    The idea that it is an inefficient money hungry system is simply false. It is far more efficient and fiscally friendly than the current US system. It costs more for private insurers in the US to hire a bunch of people to find ways to not cover you.

    After 17 surgeries in Canada and not a cent paid( except for the $20 a month premium I pay through taxes), and the numerous encounters with the US health care system, I will be going back to Canada for treatment and care when I need it, its worth the 6 hour drive.

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